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iGGi @ Develop:Brighton - overview

Sahar Mirhadi

University of York

iGGi PG Researcher

Available for post-PhD position

Sahar's research focuses on exploring how different aspects of video games can support coping strategies during difficult times, helping people deal with personal challenges. Her initial study suggested that video games have unique aspects that can assist players in dealing with tough situations and can support employing various coping strategies. The follow-up study aims to refine the understanding by examining specific games with distinct core features to uncover more subtle relationships between different game elements and coping strategies. By integrating insights from an exploratory study, grounded theory development, and temporal differences, the research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how video game aspects and coping mechanisms are interconnected. This research will offer valuable insights into the potential benefits and limitations of video games in helping individuals facing personal challenges over time.

In addition to her academic work, Sahar is an accomplished Magic: The Gathering player and runs a YouTube channel called the Legacy Gambit, which provides enjoyable and accessible content for the eternal Magic: The Gathering formats. Sahar also acts as a Safe In Our World Ambassador and is a member of the Birds of Paradise collective.


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