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Welcome to the iGGi games showcase page. Here you will find links to demos, videos and experiences developed by iGGi researchers. During their first year in the iGGi programme, each iGGi PGR develops games as part of the Game Design and Game Development modules. In addition, each year iGGi PGRs take part in at least one game jam. Several PGRs also construct a game as tool/vehicle for their research. The selection below provides links to examples of and further info about these games. Please note that most of them should be seen as proof of concept rather than completed experiences.


iGGi Game Jams

Here are some of the games resulting from

iGGi Game Jam - January 2022
iGGi Game Jam - January 2023

Researcher Games

Spotlight on games developed by

iGGi PG Researchers

as part of their PhD 

and/or their research project(s)

Global Game Jam & Ludum Dare

Games developed by

iGGi Researchers

during the Global Game Jam (pre 2020) 

or Ludum Dare 48

Game Development Module

Games developed by

iGGi PG Researchers

as part of the Game Development module

for doctoral training

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