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iGGi @ Develop:Brighton - overview

Prasad Sandbhor

University of York

iGGi PG Researcher

Available for placement

Prasad is a serious game designer and researcher. He has designed digital, tabletop and hybrid games in diverse areas such as education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, social safety, accessibility and sustainability. He is a part of the ‘Play in Nature’ initiative that crafts ​​playful experiences to connect people with nature around them. He also teaches game design and user experience design.  

As a multidisciplinary design consultant, Prasad has been involved in conceptualising and creating B2C and B2B digital products for Indian as well as international organisations. His professional experience of 8 years in setting and leading design teams has made him proficient in strategic management of design. Prasad has been able to maintain his secret identity as a freelance author too. He writes short stories and essays in his native language, Marathi.  

Prasad’s PhD explores the potential of climate change games in making sense of various actions that can be taken to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It focuses on games that are played in a group set-up as it enables sharing of personal anecdotes and dilemmas while creating a sense of togetherness. As a part of his first research study, he designed a roleplaying game called ‘Climate Club’ through iterative playtesting with experts in climate change and game design domains. Presently the game is being evaluated with young adult players.


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