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Automatic Evaluation of Tabletop Games


Game AI

Project proposed & supervised by

Diego Pérez-Liébana

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Automatic Evaluation of Tabletop Games

Project proposal abstract:

Modern Tabletop games are complex environments that combine multiple components: cards, tokens, boards, mechanics and rules. The amount, type and parameter values for each of these components affect the playability and balance of the game, influencing how the game is perceived by players and what strategies are better to win. This project proposal aims to research and develop methods to accurately evaluate the impact of each of these components in different aspects of gameplay, such as dominant strategies and game balance. In particular, the focus is set in large and complex games where it is computationally unaffordable to evaluate old or new content by playing the full game. The outcome of this project can lead not only to advance the state of the art in automatic evaluation techniques for existing games, but also to evaluate the impact of new components or mechanics in a game in development.

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