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Yu-Jhen Hsu

Queen Mary University of London

iGGi PG Researcher

Available for placement

I have always been interested in automation specifically within strategy games, starting from civilization 5. I have a background in Artificial Intelligence with a Master of Science degree from Queen Mary, University of London, with a focus on Game AI, Computer Vision and Machine Learning/Deep Learning. My research interests involve Game AI improvement in real-time turned-based games with the help of data science techniques.

A description of Yu-Jhen's research:

This project has two goals. Firstly, to improve the performance of MCTS (Monte Carlo Search Tree) implementation. Secondly, the goal is focused on building an AI agent that is able to win the game but also provide feedback information/data about it’s decisions to the players and designers. In order to achieve the goal, the plan of the project is to use different data science skills to enable the game AI agent to understand the utility of different actions and decrease the time needed for making decisions. The data collected can also help the game AI agent explain it’s behaviors, hence provided useful information/data for its users and designers.


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