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Sarah Masters

University of York

iGGi PG Researcher

Available for placement

Sarah is an artist, game developer and researcher. They have an MA in Indie Game Development from Falmouth University (Distinction), where they created the city-building card game Eudaimonia. They are an active part of the games community taking part in game jams and setting up their own commercially focused studio.

Sarah's work takes a research through design approach making and exploring games as an art form for change, collaborative design, speculative futures including 'ecopunk' and how we design games to meaningfully engage and entertain. Alongside a portfolio of games, their previous work includes running a workshop on Solarpunk vs Grimdark concepts. Their work also explores sustainable design and development practices to create emotional, engaging and meaningful experiences that can be a part of a greener industry and engage in climate change conversation.


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Featured Publication(s):


Eudaimonia: A solarpunk city-building choice and consequence game - Save the world in eight years!:

Fatalis - a witchy gardening game:

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