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Dr Ryan Spick

University of York

iGGi Alum

Deep Learning for Procedural Content Generation in Virtual Environments

Ryan Spick is a PhD student with a computer science background, working on methods to improve how content (models, terrain, assets etc.) is created with an autonomous focus, with the main focus on generative deep learning to augment real-world data through a series of neural network layers to learn unlying properties of these data.

Ryan has published a variety of papers around his main topic of generating content, such as terrain generation using generative adversarial networks and 3D voxel coloured model generation, to collaborations on other topics using deep learning, such as death prediction in a multiplayer online game and applying a recent map-elites algorithm. He has also worked with several leading industry researchers/games companies to further develop his research skill.If you have any ideas or collaboration opportunities please get in contact through any of the mediums below.

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