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Prof. William Latham


iGGi Co-Investigator


William Latham is well known for his pioneering organic computer art created in the 80s and early 90s whilst a Research Fellow at IBM in Winchester. In 1993 he moved into Rave Music setting up a small studio in Soho, creating album covers, stage designs and videos for bands including The Shamen for three years. He then worked for ten years as Creative Director and CEO of a large computer games development company, with studios in London and Brighton, creating PC and console games published by Vivendi Universal, SONY and Warner Bros. Among the games he has produced were Evolva for Virgin Interactive, and the hit game The Thing for Vivendi Universal for Xbox, PlayStation, PC. based on the famous John Carpenter horror movie set in Antarctica.

In 2007, he became a Professor in Computing at Goldsmiths, where he works on research projects with Imperial College, York University, and the Oxford Weatherall Institute. His recent "Mutator VR" Sci-Fi art experience developed at Goldsmiths for the HTC Vive has been exhibited to much acclaim in galleries and museums Shanghai, Venice, Kyoto, Dusseldorf and St. Petersburg.

William was an undergraduate student at Christchurch College, Oxford University, and a postgraduate student at The Royal College of Art. His book on interactive evolutionary design, “Evolutionary Art and Computers” is cited as a leading publication in this domain. He is Director of SoftV Ltd, a company which develops Neuroscience Patient mobile Games Apps for the NHS in Unity, and is a co-founder of London Geometry Ltd.


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