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Prof. Mark Sandler

Queen Mary University of London


Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Digital Music, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

Mark Sandler has been doing research in audio and music – with a little computer vision as a side line – for over 40 years. He founded the world-leading Centre for Digital Music and has been its Director since 2003 (with a 4 year gap 2010-14). The Centre is now one of the largest such research groupings in the world, with around 80 PhDs, PDRAs and academics. In his early career he invented the Digital Power Amplifier, researched Drum Analysis and Synthesis for Simmons Electronics Ltd, moving into Fractal and Chaos analysis and synthesis, Ambisonic modelling and Fine Grain Audio Compression before becoming one of the pioneers of Music Information Retrieval around 2000.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, of the IEEE, the IET and the AES. He is also a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute. He has supervised over 40 PhD candidates successfully through their studies and is currently involved in four other CDTs at QM - in AI and Music (Co-Investigator, Impact, in Data Centric Engineering (Co-Director, Partnerships), in Data-centric Engineering (Director) and Media & Arts Technology (of which he was founding Director 2009-16).

Research interests are: Digital Signal Processing, Digital Audio, Digital Music Technology, Music Informatics, Semantic Audio, Music Data Science, Semantic Music Metadata, Auditory User Interaction, Immersive Audio.

He is particularly interested in supervising students with a background in Acoustics, Signal Processing, Audio, Machine/Deep Learning in:

  • Virtual acoustics for games

  • Games engines for virtual and augmented reality music experiences

Research themes:

  • Games Engines for non-gaming interactive experiences

  • Game Audio and Music


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