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Martin Balla

Queen Mary University of London

iGGi PG Researcher

Available for post-PhD position

Before starting his PhD Martin studied Computer Science at the University of Essex. His main interest is artificial intelligence and its application to all sort of problems ranging from computer vision to game AI. He likes spending his spare time with various activities which mainly involves reading, playing video games and skateboarding.

Martin is interested in Reinforcement Learning agents that can adapt to changes in the reward function and/or changes in the environment. His current work focuses on learning Hierarchical RL policies end-to-end using SFs. Outside of his main research direction, Martin is involved with the Tabletop games framework (TAG), which is a collection of various tabletop games implemented with a common API with a focus on various game-playing agents (including RL). TAG brings various challenges to RL agents compared to search-based agents, such as complex action spaces, unique observation spaces (various embeddings), multi-agent dynamics with competitive and collaborative aspects, and lots of hidden information and stochasticity.


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