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George Long

Queen Mary University of London

iGGi PG Researcher

Available for placement

George is an IGGI PhD student interested in AI assisted game design, particularly in how it can be used to assist in the creation and balancing of game mechanics. After graduating with a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Essex, he joined IGGI in 2021 to be able to research how Artificial Intelligence can be applied specifically to reduce the prevalence of Min-Maxing in Role-Playing Games.

A description of George's research:

My research focuses on the concepts of Min-Maxing and Meta in Role-Playing Games, and how we can use AI assisted game design to reduce their prevalence. Min-Maxing in Role-Playing Game refers to the idea of building a character in a Role-Playing Game by maximising their positive traits while minimising negative ones, often through exploiting game mechanics. This can cause optimal strategies to emerge which not only have the potential to upset the game balance, but when these strategies become prominent enough in the community to form a Meta, it can have wider consequences such as the shunning of players deemed not to be using optimal strategies, and loss of creative choice when building characters. There are two methods I am looking into to reduce the effectiveness of Min-Maxing. The first is using AI to discover these Min-Maxed strategies. Secondly, how AI can be used in the game balancing process to identify and modify the mechanics which enable these strategies. Currently, I am focusing on the first method, with my research looking into how we can measure the effectiveness of units in combat scenarios to identify which units could be considered unbalanced.


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