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Dr Zoe Handley

University of York


Zoe  Handley is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Language  Education. She is an interdisciplinary researcher, with a  background in  language technology, who recognizes the value of quantitative as well  as qualitative work in this area. Her earlier work focused on the  evaluation of speech synthesis for use in language learning and  teaching. Since then she has carried out a systematic review of evidence  for the use of technology to support English language learning in  primary and secondary schools and supervised a number of theses  evaluating applications of technology for language learning. These have  typically explored the use of web 2.0 and Computer-Mediated  Communication (CMC) technologies. Further to this she is interested in  how learners autonomously use technology to support their learning in  contexts such as study abroad. Zoe is currently particularly interested  in teacher thinking in relation to the integration of technology to  support language learning and developing and evaluating training to  support teachers in making decisions about what technologies to  integrate into their teaching, for what purposes and how.

Zoe welcomes applications from PhD students interested in designing  and evaluating educational activities that harness the affordances of  digital technologies to create conditions and engage learners in  processes that are known to support language learning.


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