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Dr Yongxin Yang

Queen Mary University of London


Dr  Yongxin Yang is a lecturer in financial technology at Queen Mary  University of London, UK and he is also a part-time professor in finance  at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China. His  research is in the area of meta learning and its interactions with other  machine learning paradigms like reinforcement learning. He has broad  interests in applied machine learning, esp. for finance problems, for  example, portfolio optimization and financial derivatives pricing.

For the project of meta reinforcement learning, we want to explore  the learning algorithms that can transfer an existing RL agent into a  new task (e.g., a new game episode) with the minimal effort on  retraining it. For the project of AI Economist, we are going to create a  multi-agent system, where each agent behaves like a human being who  will interacts with the environment and other agents (e.g., produce and  trade), then we study how a certain policy (e.g., monetary and tax)  affects the economy.


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