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Dr Tom Collins

University of York


Tom runs the Music Computing and Psychology Lab in the Music Department at University of York, and so makes a good supervisor for game audio projects, but he has wider interests in media (e.g., podcasts) and sport (especially football), and in sport how AI can be leveraged to enhance analytics that lead to new insights into, and competitive advantages in, individual and team performance.

Tom is internationally recognised for his work in automatic music generation, web systems for music, and information retrieval. His research has been featured by the BBC (BBC Click), The Times, and Financial Times among others.

Tom is interested in supervising students who have a background in at least one of the following areas, and who are interested in acquiring knowledge of the others:

  • Data science and machine learning (especially deep learning);

  • One of music, podcasts, or sport;

  • Software engineering (especially full-stack JavaScript development).


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