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Dr Shanxin Yuan

Queen Mary University of London


Dr  Shanxin Yuan is a Lecturer in Digital Environment at Queen Mary  University of London. He has rich expertise in deep learning, low level  computer vision, and 3D digital modelling of humans from photographs.  His PhD thesis focused on 3D hand pose estimation, his work is well  recognized in the academia and is also deployed into commercially  launched mass market mobile phones. His current research on digital  humans focuses reconstructing, modelling, and rendering digital twins.  He is interested in super-realistic immersive gaming, body/hand pose and  facial expression retargeting, and behaviour analysis with avatars.

For the new project in 2023, we are interested in working on human  facial expression estimation, high-res realistic face reconstruction and  rendering, face re-enactment, and face augmentation. The aim of the  project is to build an editable super-realistic 3D human face model that  can express novel expressions, views, shapes, and appearance, from  multiple sources of input, such as images, sounds, and key points. The  related techniques include deep learning, computer vision, natural  language processing, and neural rendering.


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