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Dr Patrik Huber

University of York


Patrik Huber is a researcher, developer and entrepreneur, working on 3D face reconstruction and face analysis in images and videos using 3D face models. He is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Vision in the Department of Computer Science of the University of York, UK, and he’s the Founder of, a small start-up specialising in 3D face models and realistic 3D face avatars for professional applications.

His research is focused on computer vision, in particular, he is interested in the question of how to robustly obtain a metrically accurate, pose-invariant 3D representation of a face from 2D images and videos. He is interested in face tracking, 3D face modelling, analysis and synthesis, metrically accurate 3D face shape reconstruction, inverse rendering, and combining deep learning with 3D face models.

Patrik is particularly interested in supervising students with a strong background and interest in computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, and modern C++/Python, on topics related to creating 3D face avatars of players for immersive playing and social experiences, and using face analytics for professional e-sports.

Research themes:

  • 3D face avatars for games

  • AR/VR

  • Serious games and social interaction

  • Immersive 3D player experiences

  • Game Analytics

  • Games with a Purpose

  • E-Sports


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