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Dr Miles Hansard

Queen Mary University of London


Miles Hansard is a computer vision researcher, working on geometric and statistical methods for 3D scene understanding and rendering. He is also interested in active 3D sensing technologies, including depth cameras, lidar, and millimetre-wave radar. His recent projects include GPU methods for real-time atmospheric effects, commodity radar localization of UAVs, and grasp planning for robotic manipulation. He has also worked on human perceptual processes, including eye-movements, geometric judgements, and binocular stereopsis. Miles Hansard is a Senior Lecturer in computer graphics, and a member of the Vision Group and Centre for Advanced Robotics, at QMUL. He is available to supervise projects in the following areas:

  • Simulation of complex physical effects (e.g. the motion of cloth, fire, and fluids), using machine learning.

  • Physically plausible character animation in complex environments (e.g. slippery terrain), using machine learning.



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