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Dr Lorenzo Jamone

Queen Mary University of London


I am a Lecturer in Robotics and Director of the CRISP group (Cognitive Robotics and Intelligent Systems for the People) at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) of the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

The CRISP group is part of ARQ (Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary).

Since October 2018, I have been a Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute.

I am interested in understanding human (and animal) intelligence, by using computational techniques that include computer simulations and real robots.

My research topics include: human creativity and creative problem solving, human perception, human-human non-verbal communication, object affordances, tool use, body schema, eye-hand coordination, dexterous manipulation and object exploration, human-robot interaction and collaboration, tactile and force sensing.

I am interested in supervising students with an engineering, computer science or behavioural sciences background on the following topics:

  • Creating computational models of human creativity

  • Creating computational models of decisional agents


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