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Dr Jeremy Gow

Queen Mary University of London

iGGi Training Coordinator


Jeremy Gow is a game AI researcher with a focus on computational game design, exploring ways in which AI can help us understand players and games, enhance the game development process, and contribute to the creation of game content.  He has been a lecturer at EECS and a member of the Queen Mary Game AI group since 2018. He has a background in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction research, and a PhD in AI from the University of Edinburgh.

He is particularly interested in supervising students with a game development or AI background on the following topics:

  • Automated playtesting and QA

  • AI-based game development tools

  • Modelling player experience

  • AI for the design of agents and procedural generators

  • Computational creativity in games

Research themes:

  • Game AI

  • Game Analytics

  • Game Design

  • Computational Creativity


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