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Dr Gavin Kearney

University of York


Dr Gavin Kearney is a highly experienced researcher, lecturer and content creator specialising in spatial audio and surround sound. He joined the University of York as Lecturer in Sound Design in January 2011 and was appointed Associate Professor in Audio and Music Technology in 2016. He has written over 60 research articles and patents on different facets of immersive and interactive audio, including real-time audio signal processing, Ambisonics, virtual and augmented reality and recording and audio post-production technique development. He has undertaken innovative projects in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix, BBC, Dolby, Huawei, Abbey Road and Google amongst others. With the latter, he helped define the Google spatial audio pipeline through development of the SADIE binaural filters and decoders used worldwide. He is also an active sound engineer and producer of immersive audio experiences, working to develop new techniques and workflows for immersive music production in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios. He is Vice-Chair of the AES Audio for Games Technical Committee and was Co-Chair of the 2019 AES Immersive and Interactive Audio Conference at York.

Gavin is particularly interested in supervising students with an audio background who wish to explore the following areas relating to audio for games

  • Intelligent sound design

  • Virtual Acoustics

  • Spatial Audio

  • Binaural sound

  • Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Immersive audio experiences for next gen mobile platforms

  • Ambisonics and spherical acoustics

  • Using audio to enhance player emotional state (as well as projects on health and well-being)

  • Game Audio for therapy

  • Accessibility through Game Audio


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