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Dr Dan Franks

University of York


Dr Franks is an interdisciplinary researcher and data scientist interested in AI and machine learning.

He is experienced in developing and applying evolutionary computation and machine learning methods to understanding behaviour. He is an internationally recognized leader in interdisciplinary research, has published in top journals such as Science and PNAS. Some of his papers are in the top 1% of all papers for media coverage (altmetric), and his work is regularly covered by The New Scientist, National Geographic, Wired, The BBC, The Guardian, The Times, among others.

As Reader in the York Centre for Cross-disciplinary Systems Analysis, Dan works on applying AI, machine learning, and agent-based modelling, to problems in other disciplines. Particular interests involve the development of machine learning methods for creating intelligent AI and for understanding complex systems.

Research themes:

  • Game AI

  • Game Analytics


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