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Dr Ahmed M. A. Sayed

Queen Mary University of London


Ahmed  Sayed is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Big Data and Distributed  Systems at the School of EECS, QMUL and leads the Scalable Adaptive Yet  Efficient Distributed (SAYED) Systems Lab. He has a PhD in Computer  Science and Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and  Technology. His research interests lie in the intersection of  distributed systems, computer networks and machine learning. He is an  investigator on several UK and international grants totalling nearly  USD$1 million in funding. His work appears in top-tier conferences and  journals including NeurIPS, AAAI, MLSys, ACM EuroSys, IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE  ICDCS, and IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. He is interested in  supervising students with a background in game AI, machine learning,  distributed systems, and/or creative computing,

Ahmed is interested in working with students at the intersection of  artificial intelligence, machine learning, and creative computing. He  aims to leverage AI/ML methods, game data and player research to design  intelligent game agents by creating systems that enable game agents to  learn better gaming strategies, thus enhancing the gaming experience. He  is open to any research proposals in that space and currently is keen  on exploring solutions that are based on leveraging the emerging  distributed privacy-preserving ML ecosystems on large-scale game data.  If you are interested in working with him on this, please reach out to  him.


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