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Dr Adrian Bors

University of York


Adrian  G. Bors is an Associate Professor at the University of York and has  published more than 150 papers in international journals and conferences  in the areas of his research interests.

He is interested in supervising projects related to the application  of novel artificial intelligence methods and computer vision in Game AI.  One of the areas of interest is in the modelling of game characters  (intelligent agent) continuously learning from their environments, able  to transfer their knowledge from one stage to the next, while  accumulating the information, like human/animal beings and enabling to  continuously adapt to their environments. Another topic of interest is  represented by conditional image and video generation for developing  game environments. The conditional video/image generation will depend on  certain factors that can be pre-established or be the result of  self-learning by an (intelligent agent). Most existing games relying on  no movement representation lack in representing realistic and continuous  movement. In this direction of research, we will aim to generated video  which would be consistent with realistic movement of game characters.  Specific attention will be paid to modelling the interaction of the  generated movement with the environment or other actors (game  characters). In another direction of research, Adrian G. Bors will  supervise projects in digital watermarking of 3D graphical characters.  Codes will be invisible embedded and retrieved from the 3D graphics  representations. The code embedded, like the DNA in human/animals, will  enable the character to act in specific ways, defining behavioural  traits in similarly looking graphics characters.


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