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Dan Cooke

University of York

iGGi PG Researcher

Available for placement

Dan has a keen interest in the world of finance and how traditional finance interacts with the games industry. He is interested in how criminals use videogame ecosystems for crime and money laundering purposes. He has a background in Accounting and Finance and graduated with a MA in Applied Accounting from De Montfort University in 2019. 

Outside of his professional life he has an interest in E-Sports and competitive gaming and the content creation and monetisation of these industries. His research interests include money laundering in secondary video game markets, video game monetisation and how users experience with monetisation and secondary markets.  

A description of Dan’s research: 

Detecting money laundering in video games through secondary marketplaces Dan’s research has a focus on how criminals can use secondary video game markets for the purposes of money laundering. This includes using internal (developer supported) and external (community ran) systems for the purposes of money laundering. His research aims to identify the scale of the issue and provide ways to identify laundering in these markets as well as investigating safeguards that could be implemented in order to mitigate the risks of money laundering occurring in video game secondary markets.


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