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Dr Cristiana Pacheco

Queen Mary University of London

iGGi Alum

Cristiana is a researcher with a passion for game development.  Her research explores how to assess believability in video games and model/develop human-like behaviour. In addition, her research investigates applying these techniques in general, rather than a single specific game.

She finished her BSc in Computer Games in Essex, where she also worked as a research assistant for an autonomous car racing project. She then started her PhD at Queen Mary University of London focused on games believability. Since, she has completed her placement at Ninja Theory, where she collaborated with Microsoft Research in Project Paidia. This opportunity provided experience with both game development and research.

As a PhD student in her last year, she is working on the modelling of players through gameplay data and how this can be used to develop more human-like AI. The goal is to combine her research concepts into agents that do not always play to win, but rather present a diverse set of behaviours.


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