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Writing Retreat at Ammerdown

14 iGGi PGRs from QMUL, York, and Goldsmiths attended the three day writing retreat at Ammerdown near Bath at the end of March 2023. Everyone seemed to have a good time socially, but more importantly in their writing!

This word cloud aptly summarise some of the feedback when PGRs were asked:

“In one word please describe the Writing Retreat”

Perceived primary benefits of attending included:

Networking and focusing as a hive mind; Working together in a focused environment; Being away from home/university to provide time to focus; Increased motivation and less distraction because everyone was working at the same time; Bonding and understanding each other's writing journeys.

Over 80% of attendees said that the networking and discussing matters with members of other CDTs was really useful. Over 80% also said getting away from their usual environment is effective in helping them think more clearly and/or (over 75%) more creatively.

3 Apr 2023

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