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Mini Expo @ iGGi Con 2023

The iGGi Con 2023 Mini Expo ran during Conference Day 2 in the afternoon, in parallel with the main track. It offered a fabulous opportunity for Games Companies to connect with attending PhD researchers and masters students, and created a networking platform for all things game development and research.

Here's a big THANK YOU to the games companies / individuals / NPOs who participated and enriched the Expo floor with their presence:

Square Enix, Creative Assembly, Women In Games, Safe In Our World, King, Inhalation, Squingle Studios, Meaning Machine, Sumo (The Chinese Room)

The feedback we so far received from both, Expo attendees and participating companies has been overwhelmingly positive: the Expo will definitely be back next year, at the iGGi Con 2024!

15 Sept 2023

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