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iGGi Seminar with Creative Assembly: Life After Doctorate

Last week, four members of Creative Assembly joined us to talk about their experience of life (in the industry, and in general) after their PhD as well as broader issues around the connection between academic and industry work. Speakers comprised:

  • Duygu Çakmak (Research and Development Director)

  • Tim Gosling (AI Technical Director)

  • Derek Fagan (Senior AI/Gameplay Programmer)

  • Tristan Smith (Senior AI Programmer)

Fittingly, the “Life After A PhD” seminar took place on International Women’s Day, so:

On a very related note, iGGi would like to congratulate one of the panellists, namely CA Research and Development Director Duygu Çakmak for winning the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards (Software Engineer Award)!

During the event, Duygu pointed out that she was the only one of the four speakers who has not done a PhD, but "loves working with academics". We can reassure her that her scope of skills and ambitious portfolio certainly don't count for less.

Thank you everyone who attended these events - we hope you found them interesting and useful! And an even bigger THANKS to the CA team: for joining us on the day and sharing your insights!!

13 Mar 2023

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