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iGGi Seminar - Alexander Swords

Alexander Swords is visiting us at Empire House to speak about:

Narrative Design of Totem Teller

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 @ 16:00-17:30


Alexander Swords is the writer and narrative designer on the transmedia video game experience Totem Teller as well as the creator of The Forest Paths Method For Narrative Design. In this talk he’ll cover how the Method has been indispensable in the development of the game, bringing together the more tangible requirements of game development and the transcendental form on which the game is based. It will include a behind the scenes look at the narrative design patterns used in development, as well as footage of gameplay yet to be made public.


Alexander Swords is a writer and narrative designer working across emotional games, games for change, the adaptation and evolution of stories moving to new mediums, and advocating for the power of interactive narrative and the need for diverse future storytellers. With 20 years experience working with stories, creators, and their audiences, he’s currently wielding this experience as a writer and narrative design director on Totem Teller and Anytown: Garage Sale Monsters. He’s also the creator of the Forest Paths Method for Narrative Design; a structuralist approach to understanding story in an approachable and collaborative way.

Moderated by Timea Farkas (iGGi PhD)

For further info and/or if you are an iGGi-external who would like to attend, please contact

15 Jun 2022

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