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iGGi Game Jam 2024 - We Made It!!

After 48 hours of intense but not-too-intense game-making, we've assembled for play-testing and general socialising. Overwhelmingly positive feedback suggests that this year's iGGi Game Jam was a success!

Following tradition, we also gave out some awards. (The trophies were charmingly designed and 3D printed by the organising team!)

Here are the winning teams of the iGGi Game Jam 2024 Awards:

Best Vision

CONGRATS to the Winning Team: Team Crazy Skiing

(Joshua Silveira Kritz, Nicole Levermore, Anthony Owen)

with their game “Ultimate Ski Brawl”

Best Mechanic

CONGRATS to the Winning Team: Project Googly Eyes

(Toby Best, Daniel Cooke, Callum Deery, George, Sunny Thaicharoen)

with their game “See What Exists”

Best Bug

CONGRATS to the Winning Team: Retina Racer

(Karl Clarke, Dominik Jeurissen, Marko Tot, Ruizhe Yu Xia)

with their game Retina Racer

Best Narrative/Immersive Experience

CONGRATS to the Winning Team: Nice Dynamite

(Ross Fifield, Charline Foch, Bobby Khaleque, Oliver Withington, Kyle Worrall, Michael Saiger)

with their game “Phantom Frames”

Best Art Direction

CONGRATS to the Winning Team: The Moss Collective

(Nirit Binyamini Ben Meir, Dimitris Menexopoulos, Erin Robinson)

with their game “Moss Dance”

Last but not least, MASSIVE THANKS go to the organising team who ensured that this year's jam turned into the enjoyable event that it was! Namely: Toby Best, Karl Clarke, Océane Lissillour, Francesca Foffano, Alan Pedrassoli Chitayat, Jeremy Gow, Ben Kirman

12 Jan 2024

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