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iGGi Game Jam 2023

The iGGi Game Jam has kicked off on 11 January 2023 and this year’s theme was TRANSFERENCE - check out what the jammers came up with!

Here’s a quick summary of the submitted games (in no particular order):

  • Prison of the Endless by James Goodman, Prasad Sandbhor, George Long

  • Agony Haunt by Callum Deery, Sahar Mirhadi, Amy Smith, Florence Smith Nicholls, Sunny Thaicharoen

  • Pseudo Judo by Toby Best, Bobby Khaleque, Dimitris Menexopoulos, Oliver Withington

  • Trip to the Moon by Charline Foch,  FrancescaFoffano, Carlos Gonzalez Diaz

  • Outbalance by Yu-Jhen Hsu, Peyman Hosseini, Nirit Binyamini Ben-Meir, Dominik Jeurissen

  • Move The Groove by Dan Cooke, Nathan John-McDougall

  • Pitch ‘it by Michael Saiger 

  • Nick Cage's Face Off 2 by Adrián Barahona-Ríos, Matt Whitby

  • Mind Shift by Remo Sasso, Michelangelo Conserva, James Gardner 

  • *hacker voice* I’M IN. –– A Hacking Mechanic Supplement by Younès Rabii

  • I know that person by Madeleine Frister, Maximilian Croissant

  • Harlan by Luke Farrar, Tom Wells, Lauren Winter, Evgenii Kashin 

General audio support to various games was lent by Erin Robinson.

And links to all of these games can of course be found via the iGGi GAMES page here or alternatively also via this page on itch:

There even was a Mini Contest on the last jam day!!

iGGi Game Jam contest 2023 titled "Jam It Up"

Prizes went to the following teams and categories:

  • Agony Haunt won MUCH WOW

  • Nick Cage's Face Off 2 won BUT… WHY?

  • Harlan won LESS IS MORE

  • Outbalance won GIT GUD

  • Pseudo Judo won IT’S A FEATURE

Many Congrats to the winners! 

Yet, it needs to be said: With so many little game gems, it’s nigh impossible to pick favourites!

The Game Jam wrapped on Friday afternoon - see twitter thread:

13 Jan 2023

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