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iGGi Game Jam 2022

We thought that with summer fast approaching and the end of term in close sight, the time would be right to reflect back on some of iGGi’s more iGGi-ish events which took place earlier this year. One such event was the iGGi Game Jam. iGGi PGRs gather once a year to create a game from scratch in a limited space of time (usually over 48 hours). This is an opportunity for those less familiar with game design/development to experience the process first hand, for those who are already experienced and/or have worked in industry before to explore new tools and/or skills, but most of all, we look at it as a shared fun time dedicated to (re-)connecting within and across cohorts, socialising and exchanging ideas.

Traditionally, the Game Jam is coincided with international online events such as the Global Game Jam or Ludum Dare. This year, however, all of the jamming iGGi groups opted out of submitting to the Global Game Jam (for which iGGi was a registered site) – partly out of protest over the Global Game Jam’s initial choice of sponsor, partly because many felt that a relaxed group atmosphere was preferable to the high-octane pressure that participation in a global competition brings with it. This is not to say that we didn’t succumb to competitive spirit: prizes in 5 different categories were given out iGGi-internally at the final presentations upon conclusion of the jam. The categories were

  • Non-fungible Gameplay - Best mechanic and game experience

  • Houston, We Have A Problem - Most successful fail in a making a game

  • Best Buddy - Best multiplayer gameI

  • Just Can't Get Enough - Best storytelling, immersive or replayable experience

  • Tech Neutral - Most original & climate friendly use of technology

You can find the majority of the resulting mini-games/proofs of concept uploaded on Itch here:

30 Jan 2022

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