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iGGi @ Develop:Brighton - featuring Joe Hesketh

An iGGi delegation of six PhD Researchers (comprising Timea Farkas, Charline Foch, Joseph Hesketh, Jozef Kulik, Cristiana Pacheco, Elena Petrovskaya) will attend this year's Develop:Brighton conference.

Europe's leading game dev conference has in large parts returned to its "in-person" format which drew over 2,500 attendees including around 1,200 companies in 2019.

The event is spread over three days starting on Tuesday 26 October. The Expo runs on days 2 and 3 - Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28.

DON'T MISS: iGGi PhD Researcher Joseph Hesketh's talk on "How To Support Learning in Multiplayer Games" - Thursday 28 October, 16:00-16:45, Develop:Brighton "Design" track

It is not too late to register:

18 Oct 2021

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