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iGGi Conference 2022

Mark the date - the next iGGi conference is coming your way!

06 - 07 September 2022 at York

The iGGi Conference is an annual event organised by Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) and Staff of the iGGi Centre for Doctoral Training. This year, iGGi CON will take place 06-07 September in York (in-person event).

What happens at iGGi CON?

  • iGGi PGRs showcase their current projects

  • Keynotes, Talks, Panels, and Workshops involving members from games industry and academia who discuss future developments in digital games and other issues relevant to the community

  • Networking

  • Food, drinks, conversation, entertainment

Who can attend?

  • iGGi CON 2022 is a public event particularly aimed at members of the games industry (registration required).

Come along and find out about new ideas, meet future employees, and steer the direction of research in the world’s largest games PhD programme.

Registration now open!

Follow this link for more info.

8 Jun 2022

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