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Zoë O’Shea


iGGi PG Researcher

Zoë O’Shea is an Irish freelance games designer and artist, working on her thesis in game design and player psychology. Her previous qualifications include 3D Generalism, and an MA in Digital Game Design and Theory. She is endlessly curious about the meaning and value that technology can bring to the world, exploring the human experience as a core principle of her work. She firmly believes in the importance of creating a more joyful and inclusive world.

Zoë has previously worked with a range of clients and companies including A Brave Plan, Silver Rain Games, Transport for London (TfL) and LEGO. She is a member of BAFTA Games Crew and engages with mentorship programmes when available.

In 2019, Zoë was awarded a Digital Fellowship from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in collaboration with Magic Leap. Zoë worked with other creatives for a year to explore the future of theatre and Spatial Computing (Mixed Reality). The programme completed in Feb 2020, through the generous support of Magic Leap, the RSC, their technologists, industry partners, i2 Media Research and the University of Portsmouth.

Zoë’s research takes an interdisciplinary approach with a focus on ludology and psychology; exploring player personality, motivational design, theory of self, games studies and drawing from her own industry experience. She is investigating design frameworks, player personality and motivation research, as well as player state and its impact.  


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