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Dr Tony Stockman

Queen Mary University of London


Dr Stockman is an interaction designer/researcher who investigates how technology can enhance accessibility and improve human performance.  He is particularly interested in technology to support spatial cognition and wayfinding, health monitoring  and improve performance levels in sport and music. This includes  the role of games in simulating these domains and supporting skill acquisition and enhanced performance.

He is a Board member and former president of the International Community for Auditory Display ( He has organised 6 international workshops on a range of HCI topics, and has been on the organising committee of 10 international HCI-related conferences. Topics on which he has recently published include participatory design and prototyping, auditory overviews for route guidance, self monitoring of biological signals and accessible collaborative working.

He is particularly interested in supervising students with a Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, HCI, or behavioural sciences background on the following topics:

  • Simulation to support accessibility and skill acquisition in team sports

  • Intelligent audio mostly games to support learning

  • Intelligent Audio or audio-haptic approaches to health monitoring and biofeedback

  • Intelligent systems to support individual or collaborative music making

Research themes:

  • Intelligent simulation systems

  • Interaction design for simulated sports

  • Game Audio and Music

  • Game Design

  • Games with a Purpose


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