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Dr Adam Katona

University of York

iGGi Alum

Adam did his MSc in mechatronics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After graduation, he spent two years working on automated driving at Robert Bosch GmbH, during which he got exposed to both the classical and the machine learning approach of creating intelligent agents.

Evolutionary computation continues to surprise us by producing creative and efficient designs. However despite our best efforts, artificial evolution had not produced anything ascomplex and interesting as natural evolution. As our hardware is becoming faster and number of cores in our chips increase, the lack of computational power is becoming less of an excuse. It is starting to become more and more obvious that some fundamental component of natural evolution is missing from our simulations. One possible candidate is the evolution of evolvability. Evolution seems to produce organisms which are well suited for further evolution. The goal of my research is to find mechanisms which allows evolution to increase evolvability, and incorporate these in the design of more efficient neuroevolution algorithms.This research is in the intersection of evolutionary computation, evolutionary developmental biology and neural networks.


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