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iGGi at Develop:Brighton 2023

Following the previous year’s success, the iGGi stand featured again on the Expo floor of the 2023 Develop:Brighton conference. This year’s Expo saw a record breaking 4970 visitors over the two days of its running (43% up from 3471 in 2022), and many of these visitors dropped by the iGGi stand to chat to us. Shifts at the iGGi stand were covered by the conference-attending iGGi PG Researchers (15 in total) who appreciated a break from their (often solitary) thesis/research work.

iGGi researchers in front of the iGGi stand at the Develop conference in Brighton

With its stand presence at the Develop:Brighton Expo, iGGi is promoting the intersection between games industry and research. We are looking to engage the two in conversation. We want to foster ways of knowledge exchange that are mutually beneficial to both sides.

If you want to learn more about existing pathways of knowledge exchange between iGGi and games companies, you can check out our Industry Info + KE page, but we are also always open for new ideas and formats. Please do get in touch if you require any further information.

14 Jul 2023

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