Modelling Player Behaviour in Total-War Games


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Jeremy Gow

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Modelling Player Behaviour in Total-War Games

Project proposal abstract:

In Total War games -both in campaign and battle mode- players have various play styles and different ways of using in-game mechanics (such as spell systems, or economy), features (such as units, armies or maps) or game controls (such as interaction with UI elements or camera). The goal of this project is to gain insights into our players and their play styles, utilizing our in-game metrics data and player modelling techniques. We would like to explore this area mainly (but not limited to) with two goals in mind:

  • Player-like      AI:  Creating player-like opponent AI using these models would have      benefits in improving and play-testing our current AI. We can additionally      utilise such AI for creating opposing strategies that would lead us to      acquire more dynamic personalities in game.

  • Data      informed game design: We would like to understand the impact of our      gameplay features on our players and inform the game design direction with      this understanding. Carefully created and analysed player models could      lead us to discover relations between play styles and in-game mechanics,      features or controls.

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