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Tamsin Isaac

University of York

Tamsin was always interested in how people interact with games and how playing games could help improve someone's well-being. She studied a Psychology BSc and an Advanced Psychology MSc at University of Plymouth where she investigated the differences watching games and playing games can have on improving one’s psychological well-being. In her free time, Tamsin has taught herself about coding and game design which led to her goal to explore how psychology can be applied to the designs of games and not just to how players interact with games. In her spare time, Tamsin likes to bake, read, and play all sorts of video games. 

She is currently focused on creating a disengagement model that can be applied to Limited Timed Events in games. Having a disengagement model that offers useful accounts of player behaviour will give a clear understanding of why and when players disengage with games. It can be used to investigate how limited timed events affect disengagement and if their design can be improved to limit disengagement and improve reengagement. This research will contribute to new studies into the relationship between disengagement and various aspects of games. This will not only help make games more engaging for players but will lead to a better understanding of player experience.



Tamsin Isaac




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