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Sahar Mirhadi

University of York

Available for placement

Through her PhD research, Sahar has begun to uncover evidence that digital gaming can play a vital role in supporting individuals during challenging life experiences such as grief, job loss, and mental health struggles. Her first research indicates that players frequently turn to video games as a means of coping, often utilizing Emotion-focused and Avoidant coping techniques.   

As she continues with her research, Sahar is focused on gaining new insights into how specific game aspects may be linked to coping strategies, the impact of healthy escapism as an alternative approach to understanding player experience, as well as whether other contextual or psychological factors that may influence gaming behaviour during times of personal difficulty.  

Beyond her academic pursuits, Sahar is an accomplished Magic: The Gathering player and a founding member of the European Legacy Masters event series. She also harbours a genuine and deep-seated love for professional wrestling.




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