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Nathan John

Queen Mary University of London

After graduating with a MEng in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, Nathan joined the games industry as a programmer, working for Climax Studios, Gaming Corps and Freejam, before moving to a career as a general software engineer, while still developing indie games on the side.  His experiences across a range of industries sparked a passion for testing, and left him wondering if there were was to improve the automated testing in game development.  

Borne from an experiment Nathan had performed training AIs to play his indie game WarpBall, in which he found the agents solved for exploits in the authored AI rather than playing the game well, his research project proposes a novel method for improving the quality of behaviour of human authored agents by pitting them against trained agents and observing what bad behaviours/exploits the trained agents reveal. Authored agents refer to AI agents whose actions are explicitly designed by programmers using traditional techniques such as Utility functions, Behaviour Trees and state machines; trained agents refer to agents whose behaviour is learned by playing many games against the authored agents.



Nathan John




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