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Dr Charles Ringer

University of York

Charlie Ringer is a researcher interested in applied Machine Learning with a focus on the ways in which we can use Deep Learning to model various facets of video games streams (e.g. stream highlights, emotional moments, in-game events, various streamer behaviours etc.). As such, his work spans many Machine Learning fields, such as Computer Vision, Affect Computing, and Natural Language Processing.

His research has three motivating factors. Firstly, the challenge of how to fuse multi-view stream data (e.g. audio, web-cam footage, game footage, chat) into a single model, especially when considering the challenges of ‘in-the-wild’ data. Secondly, the untapped and bountiful data source that livestreaming represents, especially regarding the way in which streamers play games and interact with their audience. Thirdly, the exciting and emerging field of self-supervised learning which has the potential to utilise this abundance of livestream data.

Charlie initially worked in the video games industry working mainly on the Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers series of games before studying a BSc in Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London. After his BSc he joined IGGI, firstly at Goldsmiths and then at York. He was recognised as a finalist for the Twitch Research Fellowship 2019 for his research on livestream data.



Dr Charles Ringer




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