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Amy Smith

Queen Mary University of London

Available for placement

After completing a BA in Fine Art, at Bath School of Art and Design, Amy spent some years as a tattoo artist travelling and creating artworks. An interest in learning to code then led her to complete a conversion Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. Keen to preserve her interests in both a creative practice as well as a new interest in generative deep learning, Amy joined the IGGI program to explore these interests further under the guidance of Dr. Mike Cook, Dr. James Walker and Prof. Simon Colton.   

Amy's research is currently focused on the intersection between 'imaginative play', computational creativity and generative deep learning. This project explores whether the kind of novel text, image and video media produced by generative deep learning algorithms can be used to provoke and stimulate the imaginative, ideation and visualisation capabilities of the user as they interact with this cutting edge technology.  To date, her work has been accepted to several conferences, including the International Conference on Computational Social Science,  AAAI, the International Conference on Computational Creativity, and EvoMusArt. Amy hopes to further encourage and explore the fruits of a close collaboration between human creativity and creative AI.



Amy Smith




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